Add Announcement Bar

Ultimate top bar to announce sales that draw the attention of your visitors and engages them to subscribe, know important announcements, shipping cost and estimated delivery.

Increase International Sales

The main thing shoppers want to know is what they will pay for products in their local currency. Multi currency converter is a must have app

Auto Multi Currency Switcher

If you wish, you can hide the Currency Converter switcher and let it run only in the background

Mobile Customer Oriented

Most of sales are made by mobile users. With auto currency converter app your customers will immediately know the correct price to pay

Increase Sales

Engage Your Visitors

Holiday and Event Themes

Present your promotions with beautiful theme announcement bar. Convert visitors into paying customers and generate more sales.
Display personalised cost of shipping, important updates, estimated delivery, offers and special events to your store audience.
Announcement bar background images express the holiday and promotion mood to your customers to increase conversions and generate more sales

Add Announcement bar Features

Promote content

Show your visitors an elegant bar that will take them to a certain page. This way you can inform your customers about your sales, new arrivals, and any other content that might catch their interest.

Free Shipping Bar

Internet shoppers want their items as fast as possible. They are far more likely to buy something if they know upfront the shipping costs and estimated delivery time.

Capture Email Subscribers

Maximize your ad spend by capturing email subscribers.

Easy to install and use

Never ask you to edit template files, or configure your template files. Install and use the Announcement Bar or Free Shipping Bar with just 1 click.

Beautiful Design

It’s easy to customize your design. In the admin panel, you can adjust the colors or shape of the Announcement Bar, choose from pre made templates, or make your own!

Premium Service

With our simple interface, it’s super easy to set up the App, but we are here to help you if you encounter any problems.

Add Announcement bar Today!

Add Announcement Bar Today!

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