We are Libautech

A mission-focused, thriving community of inquisitive individuals, committed to unleashing the full potential of ecommerce.

Our Commitment to Hard Work

At Libautech, we thrive on the challenge of humanizing ecommerce, driving substantial growth and enhancing customer shopping experiences. Explore the inspirations behind our innovation as we reshape the online retail landscape.

Empowering Your Business Future

Unleash the power of blockchain, smart contracts, and decentralized applications with Libautech. Stay ahead in technological innovation with our continuous learning, ensuring your business remains at the forefront of industry trends.

Expert IT Solutions for ecommerce Success

At Libautech, we, specialize in Shopify app and Web 3 development. Together, we tailor custom e-commerce solutions for businesses of all sizes, from simple online stores to complex multi-channel marketplaces, driving them towards remarkable success.

Libautech executive team

Accomplished leaders with innovative viewpoints

Lead developer at Libautech shopify developer
CO-FOUNDER /Development

As Lead Developer at Libautech, the Development Lead drives technical innovation, keeping Libautech ahead in industry advancements.

Lead Marketing and sales strategist at Libautech shopify developer
CO-FOUNDER /Sales /Marketing

As Marketing Lead plays a pivotal role in Libautech's journey, crafting and executing robust strategies that drive market presence and growth.

Lead Design ui/ux at Libautech shopify developer

As Design Lead, they spearhead creativity and user-centric design at Libautech, inspiring the team to develop visually captivating and intuitive solutions.