We are Libautech

We believe that everyone can create a beautiful ecommerce experience

Meet the Team behind the Wheel of Libautech!

Davis Paipa

Founder / Marketing

Ralfs Lagzda

Founder / Development

Elviss Rubezis

Founder / Design
After years of experience, we know exactly how and what to do. Libautech is a one-stop agency for developing eCommerce apps and tools to grow your business and support your client base. With headquarters in Latvia .Being more than 5 years in the industry of eCommerce, Web Development and Web Design, we've learned that great results come from systematic work.
Our way of addressing problems is by understanding, measuring, and experimenting. That’s why our team is made of people with relevant experience and expertise.

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SIA Libautech īsteno projektu Nr: VP-PI-2021/63 un tehnoloģiju pārneses projekta numurs ID Nr.  atbalsta saņemšanu "Inovāciju vaučeru" programmas ietvaros, ko līdzfinansē Eiropas Reģionālās attīstības fonds. Projekta ietvaros tika Izstrādāta aplikācija Shopify e-komercijas veikaliem, kas piedāvās divas pārdošanas iespējas upselling un cross-selling.
SIA "Libautech" has a contract with Investmend and Development agency of Latvia within the ERAF project Nr. "Regional business incubators and creative industry incubator".