Top 8 Shopify Sticky Add To Cart Apps: Cost Analysis Included

In our comprehensive guide, we've delved into the dynamic world of Shopify Sticky Add To Cart apps, providing essential insights for e-commerce success in 2023. These apps serve as invaluable tools to enhance the shopping experience for your customers, boost conversion rates, and streamline the checkout process.
November 26, 2023
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Davis Paipa
 Top 8 Shopify Sticky Add To Cart Apps: Cost Analysis Included

Welcome to the ultimate guide for Shopify store owners seeking to improve their e-commerce game in 2023. In this blog, we're delving deep into the realm of Shopify Sticky Add To Cart apps, powerful tools that can significantly elevate your online shopping experience. Whether you're a seasoned e-commerce expert or just embarking on your digital retail journey, this blog is your indispensable resource for discovering the best Shopify Sticky Add To Cart apps to optimize your store.

We'll not only introduce you to the top 8 Sticky Add To Cart apps of 2023 but also provide a comprehensive cost analysis. In the world of e-commerce, informed decisions about where to invest are pivotal to your business's success.

So, let's embark on this exciting journey into the world of Shopify Sticky Add To Cart apps, where you can unlock the potential to boost your sales and deliver a smoother, more satisfying shopping experience for your valued customers.

Cost of having App with data from Shopify app store

Libautech: Sticky Add To Cart

Streamline your customer's shopping journey with our Sticky Add to Cart App. Display a prominent and user-friendly 'Add to Cart' button that stays with your customers as they scroll, offering 40+ design options. Boost your conversion rates, make checkout a breeze, and monitor your progress with ease.

Key Features:

  • Keep the 'Add to Cart' button front and center on every product page.
  • Choose from 40+ stylish Sticky Bar designs for both mobile and desktop.
  • Quick and hassle-free setup and customization.
  • Easily track views, conversions, and clicks with our intuitive Sticky Add to Cart app.

Sticky Add To Cart BOOSTER PRO

Introducing Sticky Add To Cart BOOSTER PRO, a transformative tool for Shopify merchants aiming for a smoother customer shopping journey. The ever-present add-to-cart bar remains visible while browsing products, continuously nudging users towards a purchase. Beyond being a mere eCommerce tool, it guides users to checkout. The Quick Buy Button caters to decisive shoppers, allowing instant decisions. The Ajax Cart Slider offers quick cart reviews, eliminating extra navigation. Upgrade now!

Floating Bar: A buy button visible when shoppers scroll/swipe down pages

Sticky Cart: A floating cart that's always visible making it easier to checkout

Quick Buy Button: Buy directly on product listings on the homepage & collections

Cart Slider: Interactive cart drawer that improves UX with upsells, cart reserve

Sticky Checkout Bar/Button: Always visible Checkout button on the cart page

SEOAnt ‑ Sticky Add To Cart

With sticky cart, you can easily choose a mini shopping cart or a floating sticky shopping cart according to your needs, reducing the user selection process and increasing the probability of product checkout. Alternatively display sticky add to cart banner on your homepage, and you can select the real-time urgency countdown timer to increase urgency and increase conversions.

One click to add sticky carts and mini carts to reduce abandoned carts

Add a Quick Buy Button for better user experience

Use a countdown timer to increase urgency and increase conversions

Put the Add to Cart Button on the page and entice users to click on it

Fully customize Sticky Cart to match your store

Sticky Add To Cart Bar Pro

Increase your revenue by having a smart sticky product bar, which will make potential customers pay attention to your products. Our Sticky Add To Cart app will know when the customer tends to scroll up & is looking to add product to the cart. It appears at just the right time, in the right place. This is for the ultimate convenience while still keeping customers focused on the main contents, like description, features…etc. you can modify everything you want to match your online store perfects.

Modify everything you want to match your online store perfectly.

Auto encloses to any themes, including the most popular themes on the market.

Sticky Add to Cart button behavior can same as the default product add to cart

Homepage and Support multi stores, currencies, and languages (Automatically)

Fast CDN based performance + Integrate with google analytics

Uplinkly Sticky Cart

Allow your customers to quickly add to cart and buy your products. Lengthy product info can make add to cart buttons hard to find. However, a sticky add to cart is always highly visible. So your customers can buy now, add to cart and checkout faster. Our one click install saves time by adding a sticky add to cart that seamlessly integrates into your store. Use our built-in reporting to easily see your sales increases and use with your Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel.

Automatically match your store theme with high converting styles.

Use our button Animator to attract more attention and 'move' the button.

Display at the top or bottom and customize text.

Visible and responsive to your customers on mobile, desktop & tablet.

Unlimited impressions and clicks included.

qikify Slide Cart Drawer

Increase your AOV and boost conversion rate by showing sticky add to cart bar and slider cart drawer. You can improve customers' experience by allow them to add note, apply discount code, estimate shipping rate without going to cart page or checkout. Or you can motivate customers to buy more and reduce abandoned cart with cart upsell, free shipping progress bar, countdown timer. Other features to customize your cart drawer includes sticky add to cart button, term & condition, trust badge.

  • Sticky Add to Cart: Always visible add to cart button when scroll/swipe down
  • Cart Upsell: Recommend freequently bought together items in your cart
  • Sticky Cart Drawer: Allows shoppers to view cart without leaving current page
  • Free shipping progress bar, countdown timer, note box, estimate delivery fee
  • Term & conditional box, trust badge to build trust

Ultimate Sticky Add to Cart

Boost your conversion rates with a Sticky Add to Cart! Our app adds a floating Add to Cart button on every product page, regardless of screen size. This makes it easy for customers to select products and streamline the checkout process. With a built-in countdown timer, our app creates a sense of urgency and drives more "Buy Now" clicks. No coding needed - our app works instantly on any store theme, with just one click. Install Sticky Add to Cart now and streamline your checkout process today!

  • Send customers directly to checkout!
  • Fast checkout process by skipping the cart!
  • Sticky Add to Cart button is visible on all product pages with just one click
  • Increase buying urgency with a custom countdown timer to match your brand
  • Add to cart button is visible on all device types and screen sizes at all times
  • Our Sticky ATC app supports tracking pixels for better retargeting campaigns

Buy Me ‑ Sticky Buy Button

Introducing Sticky Buy Me - Buy Button bar/Sticky Add To Cart Bar: A user-friendly bar that improves your shopping experience by reducing cart abandonment and making checkout effortless. Easily add products with sticky add to cart buttons & quick buttons, enjoy attention-grabbing animations. Plus, it offers a sticky cart, remember my cart, and more features. It automatically adapts to your store's branding and offers seasonal themes for a delightful shopping journey.

  • Sticky Add To Cart: Enhancing the Shopping Experience with Persistent Visibility
  • Introducing Sticky Cart: Simplify Checkout with an Always Visible Floating cart
  • Quick Buy Button: Streamlining Purchases Directly from Homepage and Collections
  • Remember My Cart: Seamlessly Access Your Cart Across Multiple Devices
  • 100% compatible with Shopify's Online Store 2.0 (OS 2.0) themes.

As we come to the end of this journey through the world of Shopify Sticky Add To Cart apps, we've explored a multitude of options, each designed to enhance your online shopping experience and boost your e-commerce success. Whether you're a seasoned online retailer or just starting your digital store, these apps offer invaluable tools to help streamline the shopping process, increase conversion rates, and create a satisfying experience for your customers.

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