The Biggest Mistakes Amazon Sellers Make When Selling on Shopify

In summary, leveraging Shopify stores to drive external traffic to Amazon can be a powerful strategy for Amazon sellers. However, it is crucial to avoid common mistakes and optimize key elements of your Shopify store. By implementing these strategies, such as crafting appealing headlines, utilizing SEO descriptions, refining product images, including Amazon purchase options, and creating blog content, you can effectively drive traffic to your Amazon products and increase sales.
October 31, 2023
Published by
Davis Paipa
The Biggest Mistakes Amazon Sellers Make When Selling on Shopify

In today's competitive e-commerce landscape, Amazon sellers are constantly seeking new strategies to drive external traffic to their products and increase sales. One popular approach is building Shopify stores to serve as a platform to redirect potential customers to Amazon. This not only improves your ranking on the Amazon marketplace but also creates an additional sales channel. In this blog post, I will discuss some common mistakes that Amazon sellers make when building Shopify stores and provide solutions to optimize this strategy.

1. Optimizing Headlines

One common mistake made by Amazon sellers is directly copying and pasting the product listing headline from Amazon onto their Shopify stores. However, I recommend using an AI-powered tool like Chat GPT to generate a new, smaller, and more appealing headline for your product listing. This will help optimize the display and improve the overall appearance of your store.

2. Enhancing Bullet Points

The second major mistake that sellers often make is copying and pasting the bullet points from Amazon as the product description on Shopify. Instead, utilize Chat GPT to generate a well-crafted SEO description based on the keywords in your bullet points. By incorporating this description into your product page, you can optimize your store for search engine visibility, driving more organic traffic to your products.

3. Refining Product Images

Another aspect that is commonly overlooked is the appearance of product images when importing them from Amazon to Shopify. It is important to ensure that the images are correctly sized and visually appealing on your Shopify store. Avoid using infographics as they may not render well on all devices. Invest time in gathering high-quality product images that effectively showcase your product to potential customers.

4. Including Amazon Purchase Option

One crucial aspect that many store owners fail to include is a "Buy on Amazon" button or a clear indication that customers can purchase the product on Amazon as well. This feature not only facilitates customer convenience but also enables you to earn affiliate fees through Amazon's affiliate program. You can easily set up a purchase button with an app like Libautech Amazon Buy Button Shopify App, which costs as low as $9.99 per month.

5. Building Blogs to Attract Free Traffic

One strategy that sellers often miss out on is creating blogs to attract potential customers and increase free traffic. While it is beneficial to write blogs about your specific product, brand, and its benefits, the most effective approach is to write blogs about broader topics such as "The Best Kitchen Knives," "The Best Gadgets," or "Top Products on Amazon Under $20." Conduct keyword research using tools like Google Ads to identify popular search queries and craft blog content around those keywords.

These blogs act as a sales channel by promoting your product alongside other related products. By including competitor links within your blog, search engines like Google will recognize your blog as a trustworthy source of information, boosting its visibility and credibility to potential customers.

It is recommended to create blogs with a word count ranging between one thousand to twenty-five hundred words, featuring at least ten to twenty products. Including competitor links helps establish industry relevance and enhances trustworthiness in the eyes of search engines. Additionally, utilize engaging product images, competitive pricing, and customer testimonials to attract customers and set your product apart. To build these blogs I reccomend to use Chat GPT.

6. Product Import and SEO Optimization

To simplify the process of building a comprehensive Shopify store, consider importing your entire Amazon catalog into your Shopify store. This can be easily achieved with the assistance of the Libautech team. Once the products are imported, utilize Chat GPT to regenerate product titles, descriptions, and meta descriptions for optimal SEO performance.

By consistently providing accurate and detailed information, you boost the visibility of your products both within your Shopify store and on search engine results pages. Additionally, ensure that high-quality product images are featured prominently, further enhancing your store's appearance and attracting potential customers.

Remember that the success of your Shopify store ultimately rests on effective marketing and presentation of your products. Utilize appealing visuals, competitive pricing, customer testimonials, and informative videos to capture the attention of potential customers and position your product as the top choice. By adopting these strategies and constantly monitoring and refining your approach, you can maximize the potential of your Shopify store and drive significant external traffic to your Amazon products.

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