Why Do You Need a Currency Converter for Your Shopify Store

eCommerce store owners want to scale their online business. They want to increase their reach and generate more revenue for their store. There are many tactical decisions that they will have to take to optimize their store for their target audience living in different locations.

The most important of all those decisions is to add a feature to your Shopify store that allows customers to purchase the product in their local currencies. So, how can you do that? To be able to personalize your Shopify store for every location, you will need to install a currency converter.

What is a Currency Converter for Shopify?

If you are going global with your eCommerce store, you have got to display prices that are local to your target audience. To do that, you will need your eCommerce store to use currency exchange rates in real-time.

Once you install that functionality in your store, your target audience will be in a much better position to make a purchase decision. This is because they will be well-equipped to assess whether or not the cost of the product is in their budget.

So, how can you add that functionality to your Shopify eCommerce store? You can do that by using a Shopify currency converter.

Why Do You Need a Currency Converter for Shopify?

Shopify currency converter is bound to be a great addition to your eCommerce store design. As we mentioned earlier, a currency converter for your Shopify store allows customers to make better purchasing decisions.

Apart from that, it allows your online business to stay efficient. Many businesses spend their valuable time converting the currencies manually and adding them to their store.

There are three major problems if you go forward with that approach.

  1. The exchange rates of currencies change every minute. The fluctuations are so frequent it will be impossible for you to keep track of them and reflect the correct exchange rates on your store.
  1. Changing the prices manually leaves space for human errors. If you make mistakes while changing the exchange rates on your store, you are putting the success of your store in jeopardy. This is because you might end up charging too much or too little which can adversely affect your revenue generation.
  1. Changing the prices on your eCommerce store can be time-consuming. Spending time addressing the exchange rates manually is counterproductive. You should want to spend the same time marketing your eCommerce store across several marketing channels and optimizing your website for Search Engine Optimisation.

Automating the process of keeping up with the exchange rates can help you focus on what matters the most – Your Customers!

Add Currency Converter App

Your search for the best currency converter for Shopify ends here. We have develop the one that will perfectly integrate with your Shopify store.

The best thing about Libautech’s Currency Converter for Shopify is that it is easily configurable. It has superior design and quality than other currency converters in the market. The customer support is also second to none.

Libautech’s multi-currency converter comes with a free and pro plan and executes the currency exchange operations in the background. Here are some of the best features of Libautech’s Currency Converter for Shopify:

  1. Easy to install and use
  2. Exchange up to 164 currencies
  3. Automate currency conversion on Shopify
  4. Advanced Price Formatting
  5. Checkout Notification
  6. Add Multiple Positioning
  7. Enable/Disable on Cue
  8. Update Frequency – 30 minutes
  9. Works with any Shopify theme
  10. Build by Reliable Tech Company

Here are the pricing plans of Libautech’s Currency Converter for Shopify:

Final Thoughts

There you have it. We have shared some of the best reasons why you should be using a currency converter for your Shopify eCommerce store. The final advice we have for you regarding managing an eCommerce store is that you should focus on automating as many processes as you can. The man-hours spent calculating exchange rates should be used for marketing and optimising your store to boost its online presence. Have questions? Feel free to put them down in the comments section. We would love to hear from you!