What is the best way to translate Shopify store?

The advantages of having a multilingual store for online businesses. You can find highlights how a multilingual store expands the business reach, boosts sales, and gives a competitive advantage by appealing to both local and foreign customers.
September 11, 2023
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Davis Paipa

This article will be useful for those merchants who think or have ever thought about the translation of the Shopify store. Here we will talk about multilingual content and provide you a good solution that can help a lot.

Advantages of the multilingual content

Firstly, let’s talk about the advantages of a multilingual store.

  1. It expands your online business significantly. The Internet opens the world for us and gives multiple opportunities. Anyhow, if your website includes only the original language, it will be not interesting for customers.
  2. Boost your sales. The second point logically emerges from the first. The more potential customers see your store, the more sales you can make. Consequently, your incomes will start to grow.
  3. Be ahead of the competition. Let’s take two stores with the same assortment. The first is in the local language and the second is multilingual. How do you think, which one will get more local and foreign customers? Yes, the second store has more chances for success.

So, if you are thinking of developing your business, you are in the right way. Now, let’s consider a solution that will help you to reach the goals mentioned above.

Translation solution

To translate your Shopify store, you need to select and use a strong application. We have in mind one such application – it’s LangShop.

Briefly about LangShop

Ecommerce blog shopify app Langshop What is the best way to translate Shopify store

LangShop it’s a translation application for Shopify stores. It gives Shopify store owners an opportunity to create a multilingual version for all types and amounts of the website content. Even the largest websites can be translated by the app in a few clicks.

The app supports 241 languages. Unfortunately, according to the Shopify requirements, you can choose 5 of them for the translation. If you are Shopify Plus merchant, you can select 20 languages. Anyway, the app is good and now we will consider why you should pay attention to it.

Why does LangShop the best solution for your Shopify store?

Applications are in demand due to their automatic translation capabilities. They can make any amount of content multilingual in minutes and save a lot of time for merchants. LangShop also provides the Auto-translation feature. It uses Google Translate, Yandex Translate, Bing, Baidu, and many other translation drivers for better translation.

In addition to the Auto-translate feature, the LangShop app provides human Professional translation.

Multilingual content will be incomplete without currencies. Euro, Dollar, Pound, Dirham, Real, and other widespread and local currencies are supported by the LangShop application. In total 80+ currencies are available for you. Add the necessary to the store and became more user-friendly for customers.

You can also improve your store with customizable language and currency switcher buttons. With the set of options, you can customize it according to any design. The switcher button will look appropriate at any store.

Translating a store it’s important to pay attention to the localization. Integration with the Shopify API allows LangShop to provide you unique URL for multilingual versions of the website and hreflang tags. Furthermore, you can translate meta fields, tags, SEO title and description, etc.

Final thoughts

With effective application translation and localization of the website is an easy process. LangShop has multiple translation and localization options. It provides useful features and can be a good helper for the growth of your e-business.

By the way, you can use it for free for 14 days. Try LangSHop and you will see that it’s a great solution that can translate Shopify store fast and easy.

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