Quick Shopify Marketing Tips for Boxing Day Shopping

What is Boxing Day?

It is a post-Christmas celebration that occurs on 26th December. People celebrate the day by opening their Xmas presents on Boxing Day. That’s not all. The holiday is also when people send gifts to their loved ones. And, while it is sweet for families, in the Boxing Day shopping lies another lucrative opportunity for your business to make a big sale.

Over time Boxing Day has grown into a week-long fest and a cyber retail holiday. That’ right! It is Boxing Week now with massive potential to increase your business revenue and clear out your inventory.

How do you make the most of this lucrative retail holiday? Here are three tips + pro tips you can use, and we promise you will see a toast-worthy surge in your sales.

Offer Promotions Too Good to be Ignored

You might think that Boxing Day is just like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Not really. While on the BFCM holidays, people buy for others, during Boxing Week, they buy for themselves. They will be hunting for deals to strike products off their wish-lists, which influences impromptu and passionate purchases. In such a scenario, promotions like “SALE 50% OFF” work as deal breakers and make visitors hit “buy now.”

Pro Holiday Retail Tip to Increase Sales: Make sure to run these promotions early so that buyers can see them and budget their purchases accordingly.

Leave No Place for (Shipping) Miscommunication

Online shoppers are impatient and more so during the Holiday Season. They don’t like being surprised with unexpected fees, especially the cost of shipping. Now not all businesses can afford to offer free delivery. If yours is one of them, make sure you are transparent about it from the start. Secondly, be clear about delivery dates too. It will surprise you how much difference such small trust-building steps can make.

Pro Holiday Retail Tip to Increase Sales: If your business cannot swing free shipping, set a minimum cart value that will qualify for it. Use it as a chance to increase average order value (AOV) by upselling and cross-selling products.

Change the Look of Your Store

When online, appearances are everything. Internet is a visual-driven place where people go for what looks cute. Changing the appearance of your online store to make it look more festive can make a lot of difference.

Now you may be thinking – Deciding promotions and planning free shipping is easy, but how do we redesign our store and just for the festival? Thankfully, there are several apps that are easy to use and help you customize your store. They let you create engaging announcement bars, eye-catching CTA buttons, and event-relevant backgrounds.

Pro Holiday Retail Tip to Increase Sales: Use an app that caters to your eCommerce needs while taking care of how your store looks. The perfect example is the Add Announcement Bar by Libautech. It helps with promotions, reduces cart abandonment, targets product pages, provides complete customization, and does much more.