The Complete ECommerce Holiday Marketing Calendar 2023

Tailor your marketing efforts to match the events and values that align with your brand and target audience. Creating engaging content and offering relevant deals during these celebrations will help increase sales and customer engagement.
September 11, 2023
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Davis Paipa

Managing an eCommerce store in a modern world is not an easy job. To keep your business running successfully with audiences interested, it’s important to be on the same page with every celebration and event happening around the world. Even through pandemic, 2023 has a lot of upcoming events that are going to be more or less celebrated. For that case, we have compiled some of the most important events and tips to keep in mind for a successful eCommerce marketing strategy for the whole year ahead. Get inspiration for your social media calendar and grow sales for your audience!

Creating holiday marketing calendar

In everyday’s rush it’s possible to forget about some of the most important occasions that are celebrated around the world. That’s why it’s important to have a plan made to accurately prepare for each one of them. It’s helpful to write and plan out all important dates for the year not only because you will be ready to create your marketing content on time, but it also gives you peace of mind to know you’re ready for the whole next year and be better to coexist with unexpected situations (especially in these times). Successfully made holiday marketing calendar and strategy is a great way to advisedly increase your sales potential and grow your audience. 

The question might be: “So, which dates to choose for my eCommerce marketing calendar?”. Let’s start by dividing a year into four quarters, then into months and set the most popular celebrated dates for each one of them. You should keep in mind that these celebrations differ from location and you need to carefully choose and apply those dates and events that stick to your goals! And also, another quick tip- before you schedule all these great posts for each day, make sure you stick with the idea of your brand. Set your goals, include your values, stay connected with the content you’re making and the audience you’re already having. Learn other useful tips about creating a marketing calendar here!

Ecommerce dates and holidays in Q1

With the Christmas holiday season’s ending, post-holiday sales that come after are a great catch in the sea for every Ecommerce runner. With a new start of the year, it can be a great opportunity to introduce customers with something new and attract them with different kinds of products. Let’s see what’s coming into the first quarter of 2023! Catch some ideas!


January is the first month of the year that makes it also the best time to show you what you got. With New Year’s resolutions made and Christmas gift’s money received, people are ready to try new things. January also it’s often known as “Veganuary” because of the global campaign that promotes veganism by encouraging people to follow a vegan lifestyle for the month of January. This may be your chance to show all the good vegan-friendly goods! And don’t forget about “Get to Know Your Customers Day” that happens once in three months the whole year!

All Month (1st – 31st January):

  • Veganuary

Key dates in January:

  • January 1- New Year’s Day
  • January 2- Science Fiction Day
  • January 11– International Thank You Day 
  • January 15- National Hat Day
  • January 18- Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • January 21- Get to Know Your Customers Day
  • January 24- National Compliment Day
  1. January 27- Chocolate Cake Day


The month of love. And when love is in the air, so are sales! It’s certain that Valentine’s day nowadays is one of the most exciting and internationally celebrated events around the world, so don’t play small when it comes to February 14! Keep in mind also the fact that February is a Black History Month that is an annual observance originating in the United States which is celebrated in a way of remembering important people and events in the history of the African diaspora. As the target audience for occasion are mostly Americans and Canadians, you should decide whether it applies to your eCommerce or not.

All month (1st – 28st February)

  • Black History Month

Key dates in February:

  • February 9- National Pizza Day
  • February 14- Valentine’s Day
  • February 15- Singles Awareness Day
  • February 15- Family Day
  • February 18– National Drink Wine Day 
  • February 20- Love Your Pet Day
  • February 27- National Retro Day
  • February 28- Golden Globes


The first month of the spring brings everyone a feeling and a pleasant scent of blooming flowers. And speaking about flowers you can’t forget about International Women’s Day on March 8! Celebrated around the world, it’s another big day every company needs to be narrowly prepared for. Make sure your eCommerce store offers the best gift deals for every kind of woman in the world. Continuing with gifts, don’t forget that March is not only special for women all around the world but also specific for mothers in the UK. While everywhere else Mother’s day is a celebration in May, people in the UK celebrate their love for mothers on March 14.

Key dates in March:

  • March 4- National Grammar Day
  • March 4- World Book Day
  • March 5- National Employee Day 
  • March 5- National Salesperson Day
  • March 6- National Dress Day
  • March 8- International Women’s Day
  • March 14- Mother’s Day
  • March 17– St. Patrick’s Day 
  • March 20- International Day of Happiness

Ecommerce dates and holidays in Q2

When spring has completely arrived, it’s time for outdoors, trips, traveling, festivals, concerts, weddings and more and more. For sure, that’s common for the countries in the Northern hemisphere because people like Australians are actually preparing for the winter time. As said before- choose your advertisements accordingly to your location and target audience!


The month of jokes and colored eggs. As starting the month with everyone fooling around you may fulfil some of your ideas to create something funny for your social media. If not now, when? And don’t forget about Easter- a kind and fun family’s celebration in the middle of the month. And conclude the month with showing care to the planet Earth and environment on Earth Day on April 22.

Key dates in April:

  • April 1- April Fools’ Day
  • April 10–12- Easter (Holy Week)
  • April 10- National Sibling Day
  • April 11- National Pet Day
  • April 15- Get to Know Your Customers Day
  • April 22- Earth Day
  • April 29- International Dance Day


May comes with a lot of warm feelings starting with Brothers and Sisters Day, Mother’s Day, National Love a Tree Day and ending with a National Smile Day. Despite all delight, May is also called as Mental Health Awareness month to raise awareness of those living with mental or behavioral health issues and to help reduce the stigma so many experience. Bringing so much love, joy and positive feelings, show particular care to the world in this awakening month of the year! 

All month (1st – 31st May)

  • Mental Health Awareness

Key dates in May:

  • May 2- Brothers and Sisters Day-
  • May 9- Europe Day
  • May 9- Mother’s Day
  • May 16- National Love a Tree Day
  • May 22- Eurovision Song Contest Finale
  • May 25- National Wine Day
  • May 30- National Creativity Day
  • May 31- National Smile Day
  • May 31- Memorial Day (US)


June is recognized as Pride Month all over the world. It’s a good time to show more kindness and make inclusivity marketing campaigns. Additionally, on June 5 we celebrate the World Environment Day, Best Friend Day and long awaited Midsummer on June 24. If you feel particular, feel free to note National Flip Flop Day and, additionally, Social Media Day, which, in fact, can be a great opportunity to introduce the work of your own and show your eCommerce social media skills.

All month (1st – 30st June)

  • Pride Month

Key dates in June:

  • June 4- National Doughnut Day
  • June 5- World Environment Day
  • June 8- Best Friend Day
  • June 13- International Children’s Day
  • June 17- National Flip Flop Day
  • June 21- International Yoga Day
  • June 21- National Selfie Day
  • June 21- First Day of Summer
  • June 24- Midsummer’s Day
  • June 28- Amazon Prime Day 
  • June 30- Social Media Day

Ecommerce dates and holidays in Q3

The third quarter opens the beginning of the second half of the year. With the wholesomeness of summer and beginning of autumn, these next three months bring a lot of new experience and emotions. Let’s dive in!

Not only in the middle of the summer but also in the middle of the year, July includes many thrilling events like the Summer Olympics that are a celebration all around the world and Independence Day in the US for American people. Whether you’re American yourself, or you have a customer base in the US, July 4 is worth adding to your marketing calendar.

Key dates in July:

  • July 1- Canada Day
  • July 4- Independence Day (US)
  • July 7- World Chocolate Day
  • July 15- Get to Know Your Customers Day
  • July 17- World Emoji Day
  • July 18- National Ice Cream Day
  • July 20- National Moon Day
  • July 23–August 8- National Moon Day
  • July 25- National Parents Day
  • July 30- International Friendship Day


August for most young ones is a season filled with exciting reunions and anticipation for the school year. Depending on the location, most students and pupils start the school year in August which means a lot of back to school shopping boom. That’s a signal for eCommerce runners to start to prepare for all the fuss that will happen in August, including some specific celebrations like International Cat Day, Book Lovers Day, World Photography Day, International Dog day and others that are especially easy to work with, with possibility to create quality and binding content on your social media platforms. Let out your creativity!

Key dates in August:

  • The first day of school, date depends on location
  • August 1- National Girlfriend’s Day 
  • August 7- Professional Public Speakers Day
  • August 8- International Cat Day
  • August 9- Book Lovers Day
  • August 10- International Lazy Day
  • August 17- National Nonprofit Day
  • August 19- World Photography Day
  • August 21- World Senior Citizen Day 
  • August 26- International Dog Day
  • August 26-  Women’s Equality Day 


Fresh aspiration of knowledge! With Teacher’s Day on September 3, International Literacy Day on September 8, European Day of Languages on September 26 and other, September is filled with attainments and laborious days through the month. It’s the time to create content related with success stories, support and inspiration. Keep your mind open!

Key dates in September:

  • September 3- Teacher’s Day
  • September 6- Labor Day (US)
  • September 8- International Literacy Day
  • September 12- National Video Games Day
  • September 12- National Grandparents Day
  • September 18- October 3- Oktoberfest
  • September 19- Wife Appreciation Day
  • September 21- International Day of Peace
  • September 22- First Day of Fall
  • September 26- European Day of Languages
  • September 27- World Tourism Day

Ecommerce dates and holidays in Q4

Time to prepare for the end of the year. As days get darker and feels may become gloomier, it’s important to keep your audience filled with warm and positive emotions throughout this time. Let’s see what these three months have prepared for us!


What a spooky season we have there. And we can not deny that- October really brings a lot of festive feelings accordingly to Halloween Day on October 23. Defined as a celebration in the US, this day has taken his traditions over the whole world. Pumpkins, witches, ghosts, spiders, bats, vampires, skeletons, graves, jack-o'-lanterns, black cats and monsters- let your creativity take over your eCommerce sales and bring some festive emotions for people all around the world! P.S. don’t forget to wear a big smile on the World Smile Day on October 2!

Key dates in October:

  • October 1- International Coffee Day
  • October 1- World Vegetarian Day
  • October 2- World Smile Day
  • October 3- National Boyfriend’s Day
  • October 10- World Mental Health Day
  • October 16- Boss’s Day
  • October 21- Get to Know Your Customers Day
  • October 23- National Make A Difference Day
  • October 31- Halloween


This month has come and you better be ready for your sales going up! If you’re an eCommerce retailer, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday.. Especially, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are hits among both customers and online retailers. As the Black Friday is the start of the holiday shopping season, it significantly increases eCommerce sales. It’s time to prepare for the last and biggest holiday of the year!

Key dates in November:

  • November 1- World Vegan Day
  • November 5- Bonfire Night
  • November 11- Remembrance Day
  • November 11- Veterans Day
  • November 19- International Men’s Day
  • November 25- Thanksgiving
  • November 26- Black Friday
  • November 27- Small Business Saturday
  • November 29- Cyber Monday


The last and one of the most important months for eCommerce marketing. Month of giving and getting. This religious and cultural holiday unites billions of people around the world who celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas may be becoming more commercial every year, yet it’s still a family holiday, so base your marketing efforts on heart-warming ideas and wishes. As beautiful as the celebration is, for eCommerce runners these are very important dates they may prepare through the whole year for. Many retailers continue the shopping streak with amazing deals and heavily discounted items to get customers to continue shopping. And that’s not it. Right after Christmas comes Boxing Day which means additional purchases. Let your holiday campaign be the best of all of them and prepare your ideas early!

Key dates in December:

  • December 4- National Sock Day
  • December 8- National Brownie Day
  • December 13- International Children’s Day
  • December 13- Green Monday
  • December 17- National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day
  • December 24–25- Christmas Eve and Day
  • December 26- Boxing Day
  • December 31- New Year’s Eve

These dates mentioned above are just some of them happening in the year 2023. There are so many celebrations around the world each day and if you think your ecommerce store could do more go and look here! Just remember- focus on the dates that work for your business and your product!

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