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The importance of high-quality product photos for generating revenue on Shopify stores and provides six tips to capture great product photos in 2023
September 11, 2023
Updated by
Davis Paipa

The most common reason why sellers struggle to generate revenue on their Shopify store is badly captured product photos.

Online shopping depends hugely on pictures sellers upload on their stores. Online shoppers won’t buy your product if you don’t upload product pictures or if you upload low quality images.

In this post, we are going to share some of the tips you can follow to capture perfect product photography for Shopify stores in 2023.

So, let’s cut to the chase and get started!

6 Tips to Capture Great Product Photos for Shopify Store in 2023

Here are the best tips you can use to capture product photos that make your product sell like crazy in 2023.

  1. Check Your Aperture

Get the aperture on your camera right. Make sure the subject or product is at the center of the frame to make it get the most attention. Also capture the still from a distance to not lose the product details in the depth of field.

  1. Use Standard Lens

Your product images should never be distorted in any way. The best way to ensure high product photo quality is to use a standard lens. The wide angle lenses tend to capture the product disproportionately. This might cause a problem when customers match the proportions mentioned in description with that of the product image.

  1. Set Up Product Studio Lighting

It’s easy to get the lighting right for the product shoot. All you have to make sure is to have two lights at the background on either side of the product. Focus these lights on the background. Now add one light in front of the product and another at the back of it. This way the whole frame will look properly lit and there will be no casting shadows.

  1. Use Artificial Light Diffuser

Artificial lights require the use of a diffuser to make the light spread evenly across the product. While you will edit a lot of things in post production, taking care of hot spots when you are clicking pictures is highly recommended. Editing hotspots can ruin your product photo quality. 

  1. Take Lifestyle Product Shots

Don’t hesitate to experiment with your products. Put them in different lifestyle situations and take pictures. PEople like to see how the product looks and feels in real life situations.

  1. Don’t Clutter the Frame

Simplicity is key. You want the shopper’s attention to stay on your product. You can do that by keeping the frame minimal and simple. Avoid making the frame look cluttered and busy.

Final Thoughts

Make sure you give ample amount of time toning the colors in the shot properly. Keep the colors true as much as you can. What other things do you do while taking a product picture? Let us know in the comments section. We’d love to hear from you!

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