12 Best Shopify Stores That Inspired How We Use Announcement Bars

12 exceptional Shopify stores that effectively use announcement bars to drive sales and engage customers. These stores demonstrate various strategies, including offering free shipping, providing COVID-19 updates, selling personalized consultations, offering discounts and referral programs and more.
September 11, 2023
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Davis Paipa

We’d like to introduce you to 12 exceptional Shopify stores. These businesses serve as great inspiration for all entrepreneurs who are looking to add announcement bars and drive sales with them.

Take a stroll down their digital aisles to see what these stores are doing right with their announcement bars.

Ovi Watch – Free Shipping On All Orders

Wooden Watch maker Ovi Watch lets customers know there won’t be any additional cost at the checkout. A free shipping announcement will increase sales and conversion rate.

Shopify Announcement Bar - Free Shipping on All Orders

Kylie Cosmetics – Announce Covid 19 Shipping Update

Kylie Cosmetics uses its announcement bar to inform customers about how they are responding to, or being impacted by, COVID-19. This is also a good way to announce any shipping delays, or regions not accepting international shipments.

Kylie Jenner Cosmetics website screenshot

Beardbrand announcement – Text “STYLE” To 512-879-3297 For Personalised Consulting

Beardbrand’s strategy for their announcement bar is to sell personalized consultations.  My guess is that their conversion rate will skyrocket by adding this human factor.

Beardbrand Announcement Bar

Steve Photos -👑 Save 25% All weekend. Use code: QUEENY 👑

Steve Photos uses their announcement bar in the footer to inform customers about a 25% off sale. The added emojis are an eye-catcher for customers too.

Rebecca Minkoff – Get $20, Give $20 Refer A Friend!

Rebecca Minkoff announced a campaign to give $20 and get $20, which is part of their referral program to build an audience.

Rebecca Minkoff shopify top bar

Bombas – Get 20% Off Your First Order With Code COMFORT20

Bombas uses their announcement bar to provide a discount code to every first-time shop visitor, which gives them an extra 20% off their first order.

bombas shopify top bar

100 Percent Pure –  Due to high order volume, your order may be delayed

100% Pure’s using another benefit of an announcement bar and informs customers that shipping may be delayed due to an unusually high number of orders. This kind of announcement will help increase sales because it gives customers the feeling that their products are in high demand.

100 percent pure shopify bar

Herschel – Up to 50% Off – Shop Now

Herschel’s announcement bar is clickable, with 50% off items on the sale’s landing page. It is shown first for customers who are looking for discounts.

herschel Announcement Bar shopify

The Hundreds – FREE shipping on all orders over $120 (continental US only).

The Hundreds uses an announcement bar to let customers know that purchases over $120 will qualify for free shipping. This strategy increases customer cart totals.

Announcement Bar Shopify The Hundreds

Good American – Must Have Pieces At Must Love Prices SHOP NOW

Good American have a simple announcement with a shop now button on a minimal design theme will improve sales, as customers are sent to specific landing pages.

Announcement Bar Shopify Good American

Shethinx 💎 Snuggle up to our new, soothing print: Chroma! 💎

Shethinx - Announcing a new product launch is a good way to let customers know there are new products available. It also drives traffic to the new product page. Then, based on statistics, the company can see how successful new products are.

Shethinx Announcement Bar shopify


Luxy Hair used its announcement bar to introduce a new product, and to inform customers that if they buy now, they will get a free gift. Adding small gifts to sales is a good way to gain new sales on product launches.

announcement bar luxyhair

Some key takeaways from the 12 best uses of announcement bars by Shopify stores are –

  1. An announcement bar can be used to drive sales,
  2. Announce shipping changes,
  3. Give important updates to customers

All these announcement bars can be made with the Libautech app’s Add Announcement Bar tool at: https://apps.shopify.com/add-announcement-bar

If you need help creating your first announcement bar, let us know. We are here for you!

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