Targeting specific pages

You can show different announcement bars, based on the page the customer is on. This will greatly reduce the redundancy of your site’s announcement bars. For example, let’s say that you have an announcement on the homepage announcing a new product. The announcement becomes irrelevant when the customer navigates to the product page. Therefore, you might want to exclude the bar on the product page.

Step 1

Create/edit your bar

For this guide, please, click on “Create new bar” (1) or edit an existing bar (2).

When in the edit page, scroll down to the very bottom section called “Targeting configuration”.

The two options related to page targeting are “Display on page” (1) and “Exclude page” (2). We will focus on these fields.

Step 2

Targeting configuration

By default, the announcement bar will be visible on every page.

Targeting the page

The “Display on page” field is suitable if you would like to show the announcement bar on a few pages. If you select “Homepage”, the bar will only be visible on the homepage.

Excluding the page

“Exclude page” field is suitable if you would like to exclude the announcement bar on a few pages. In this scenario, if you select “Homepage”, the bar will be visible on all pages except the homepage.

Targeting homepage is pretty straightforward, however you can also choose to include/exclude specific URLs. It’s best to visit the page you are looking to include/exclude and copy the URL from the address bar.

Target URL and keywords

Finally you can specify inclusion or exclusion with a keyword in the URL. Any page with the specified keyword in the URL targeted. For example if you specify keyword – “product”, pages that contain “product“ in their URL would be affected.

Combining include/exclude

Combining the two fields is possible in this use case. For example, you want to display the announcement bar on pages that contain “product” in URL. However, for some reason you want exclude product – “”. This is how you would achieve it –

Save your work

Please, make sure to save and enable the announcement bar, when you’re done.