Targeting specific devices

More often than not, a marketing strategy might change depending on the device the customer is using when visiting your online store. To accommodate this need, you can create an announcement bar that targets either desktop, mobile or both.

Step 1

Create a new bar

For this guide, please, either click on “Create new bar” (1) or edit an existing bar (2).

Step 2

Targeting configuration

On the edit page, scroll down to the very bottom section called “Targeting configuration”.

Display on device section

The only option related to device targeting is “Display on device” (1). We will focus on this field.

The announcement bar will be visible on both desktop and mobile by default. To specify a single device, simply select it from the list.

Perfect use case

A perfect use case for targeting a specific device is you can have different length messages for each.
You can provide a longer message on desktop, because the width of the device accommodates more content while remaining unobtrusive.

Meanwhile for a mobile device you can duplicate the announcement bar from the dashboard, target mobile device and have a shortened version of the message.

The result