Free shipping on orders over a particular amount

Step 1

Add a title for your bar

Make sure you add a clear title for your announcement bar. This will only be displayed to you and it won’t be visible for the visitors of your store.

Step 2

Set up a goal

To set up a goal of “Free shipping on orders over x“, please select the third option

Add a spend goal

The purpose of this goal is to give people free shipping once they spend a particular amount on your store. Please add your “Primary spend goal” to set up how much the visitor has to spend to get the deal.

Step 3

Select your template

First of, get started by selecting your template for your bar

Free templates consist of countless solid color combinations. Select the one that suits you best!

Premium templates, on the other hand, have plenty of built-in pre-styles and features like:

  • Gradient background
  • Pattern background
  • Custom background image with custom scaling

Set up bar action

When setting up an action for your bar, you have three options:

Clickable button

Choosing this option adds a button to your bar. The set of option will show up that you will be able to configure as you like

Entire bar clickable

This options makes the entire bar clickable and you only have to enter the URL

No action

No URL or extra settings will show up when selecting this option. The bar will be static and won’t have any dynamic actions.

Step 4

Add your message

With our rich-text-editor we made it easy for you to be as creative as possible with how your message looks (the only thing’s that left… is your actual message!). Feel free to change fonts, colors, text styles and add as many emojis as needed.

Step 5

Add a progress message

Create a message to display to your visitor how much they have to spend to reach the goal of getting a free shipping

Use the Smart Tag fields in the rich text editor and add the “Remaining primary goal” tag to display the amount that’s left to spend.

Step 6

Goal achieved message

Create a message that shows up to a customer when he/she places an order.