Delivery settings

Step 1

Select a locale

In the settings of your bar, scroll down to the “Delivery Configuration” section and go to “Select Locale”.

We’ve created this option instead of making you select the country, because a lot of countries have multiple official languages, therefore multiple target audiences (for example, in Switzerland there ar 3 official languages (actually 4, but we don’t have option to target Romansh language, unfortunately) – German, Italian and French, therefore with each bar you can target a different target group, while they all are located in the same country).

Step 2

Set up Estimated Delivery Time

Enter the range of estimated delivery time as day 1 means next day delivery.

So, for example, if today is August 18th and you set up your delivery days to be between 3 (Delivery days start) and 5 (Delivery days end), that will mean that user will receive their product in date range between August 21st and 25th.

Step 3

Set up delivery days

Specify the courier working days that will be taken into account when calculating estimated delivery time.

Step 4

Select date format

Use the format function to format the date and time.

Step 5

Save the bar